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Color Palm Beach!

The Quintessential Coloring Book of Palm Beach, Florida

Book features...

- 25 hand-drawn illustrations

- Map of Palm Beach

- Index of historical facts & anecdotes

- Space to draw your own favorite memories


First printed in 2008, Color Palm Beach! has sold over 6000 copies. The success of the book is due in part to the distinctive character and popularity of Palm Beach itself, but more importantly, because it is an original, high-quality book that fills a niche in Palm Beach tourism. 


Color Palm Beach features the peculiarities of Palm Beach that appeal particularly to children, what they find exciting and will remember most about their stay- with a few significant historical places thrown in!

Color Palm Beach is designed to entertain children while they visit Palm Beach. It will keep them occupied during vacation downtime, in restaurants, and amuse them while they tour the places Mom and Dad want to see. The map in the back can be used like a treasure map to lead children to Palm Beach's famous and sometimes quirky sights and then the historical facts and anecdotes can teach them about the places they have discovered. 

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