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Bath & Tennis Club

Coloring book of the Bath & Tennis Club, private club in Palm Beach, Florida!

Bath & Tennis Front Cover Sandpipers.jpg

Book features...

- 22 hand-drawn illustrations

- favorite activities and traditions of the club

- historical architectural elements

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The Bath & Tennis Club coloring book was inspired by a desire to teach younger members about the history and significant architecture of the club, and to celebrate it's longstanding family traditions. The Bath & Tennis Club in Palm Beach was founded in the 1920's by Marjorie Merriweather Post. The Moorish-influenced Spanish Mediterranean style clubhouse was deigned in 1926 by Joseph Urban. Born in Austria, Joseph Urban was known as a Broadway set designer and decorator of Post's mansion across South Ocean Boulevard, Mar-a-Lago. The clubhouse was remodeled and expanded by architect John Volk after being damaged by two hurricanes in 1947. The Bath & Tennis Club was one of the first buildings to be landmarked in the town of Palm Beach. The structure we see today is the result of a four-year restoration project, completed in 2011, for which the Club was given the prestigious Ballinger Award.

The coloring book highlights popular activities, obviously the tennis courts and the wide stretch of beach, but also the annual family traditions of the Club like the Sandcastle Contest and the Big Splash Contest.

The second project commissioned by the Club is a scavenger hunt activity book that leads children around the clubhouse to answer questions about the club's unique architectural details and history.

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