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Color the Best of Newport!

The Original Coloring Book of Newport, Rhode Island


Book features...

- 22 hand-drawn illustrations

- Map of town of Newport

- Index of historical facts & anecdotes

- Space to draw your own favorite memory

Color Newport Coloring Book back cover.jpg
Color Newport Stone Tower.jpg
Rosecliff Mansion.jpg
Color Newport Map.jpg

Newport, Rhode Island, has been called the queen of summer resorts and the sailing capital of the world. It is known for its rich history, elegant mansions, bustling wharfs, music festivals, yachting races, and beautiful coastline. Color the Best of Newport! captures the spirit of this famous seaside town, offering an illustrated tour of Newport, highlighting the sights that are particularly at Easton's Beach, you are bound to find appealing and memorable to children. Whether you love the boats in the harbor, flying kites at Brenton Point, or riding the carousel ay Easton's Beach, you are bound to find your favorite Newport pastime in the pages of this book.

Thanks for your interest. Enjoy!

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